Featured Rider Beatle Qualifies for GB Student Riders Team in Jerez, Spain

6th Nov 2020

Featured Rider Beatle Qualifies for GB Student Riders Team in Jerez, Spain

We would like to say a massive well done to Beatle for qualifying! and hoping her lucky Pink Comp socks serve her well! 

"Every university is put into a League with 3 others (4 in a league) and then there are four competitions to get points. The competition consists of a dressage test and style jumping. Each rider is drawn a horse which 3 others will ride. The winner on each horse gets 0, and then the others get a score which is the distance they are away from the winner e.g winner on 60, 2nd on 55, 2nd person get 5 points. The person with the lowest points overall wins. The team with the highest points plus two highest individuals qualify from the points a gained in the league matches qualifies for the Regionals. At the Regionals there are four team and 8 individuals and the winning team and top three individuals qualify for the Nationals. At the Nationals there are 6 teams and 21 individuals (45 total competitors). The nationals is a knock out style competition, so you are drawn against three other people, if you win you go to the next round. There are 4 rounds in the dressage and 4 rounds in the show jumping. The show jumping is judged on style for the first round, and then faults for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. The winner gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points and so on, and the person with the lowest points is the winner.

If you do well at the Nationals, and have done 2 GB Student Riders training sessions then you could be in contention for the GB Student Riders Team.

Due to coming 3rd at the Nationals, I have been selected to ride on the GB Student Riders Team in Jerez, Spain, in August!

The Student Riders Nations Cup (SRNC) works the same as the Nationals, a knock out style competition. The final round of the dressage is similar to Advanced Medium, and the final show jumping is 1m30."